The holiday’s are in full swing (fa la la la la). Here’s some inspirational reads as you to kickback in front of the yule log. Good luck and keep pushing!

From the Beespace Blog
We’re a far cry from the Sally Struthers PSAs of the 1980s. Here’s our list of 10 of the most inspiring nonprofit ads, videos, campaigns and websites of 2013 via Beespace.

63% of 20-somethings want to start their own business via Inc, We’re betting a big chunk of these will focusing on profiting the world!

Ben Franklin’s daily routine ended with asking “What good have I done today.” What a slacker.

How big data is changing the face of philanthropy via Wall Street Journal. But are we measuring the right things?

Do more than “Like.” Facebook adds a donation button via Mashable.

A big misunderstanding? Here’s a good breakdown of the year’s most overused term via TNW

Are your donors safe? 40 million credit card details are stolen from Target via Wired.

How Charity:Water Won Over the Tech World via Forbes

What emotions trigger shares? This research analyzed a data set of 355 billion videos to find the answer via Contently.

Behind the design. How Apartment One created the Beespace brand via Apartment One.

How Paul Farmer would fix foreign aid. Spoiler alert, it looks a lot like the Adventure Project via Skoll World Forum