Beespace is a non-profit incubator helping to identify and launch the next generation of high impact nonprofits. Utilizing the tech incubator model, we invest in genuine and bold organizations, providing them with a comprehensive set of innovative resources completely free of charge, to profit the world.

Beespace’s Incubees focus on a wide range of issues and programming approaches, and all are committed to bold new models of how to practice charity. They are always looking for fantastic interns to join their teams. To apply (or for more information), please email [email protected]. Include your resume, let us know which organization(s) you’re interested in working with, and tell us what you think you can add to the team.

Our Incubees:

The Adventure Project creates job opportunities with community impact in the developing world, disrupting the cycle of poverty by enabling donors to fund job creation programs that have a social impact.

The Malala Fund, the official organization of Malala Yousafzai, is focused on helping girls go to school and raise their voices for the right to education.

Organize is applying new technologies and ideas to the organ donation space, seeking to decrease the organ shortage by applying smarter technologies and more creative partnerships, and advocating for data-driven policies.

Practice Makes Perfect works to narrow the achievement gap in low-income U.S. neighborhoods by pairing academically struggling middle school students with high achieving high school students from the same inner-city neighborhoods for an academic intensive summer program.

Yoga Foster brings free yoga to kids in schools and community centers, creating a new model to keep kids fit, inspired, and more creative.