Want an immersive experience working with startups in the social good sector?

Beespace, New York City’s premier nonprofit incubator, has an opening for a new Fellow to work with Heat Seek, one of the start-up organizations currently in incubation at our north Chelsea loft. Heat Seek works at the intersection of innovative technology and tenant advocacy to provide new tools in the fight to maintain affordable housing in New York City. Heat Seek’s work is grounded in a deep respect for community organizers and on-the-ground advocates (heatseeknyc.com).

The term for this round of Beespace Fellows is December 2016- December 2017, 20 hours per week, with a monthly paycheck of $2,100 plus a health stipend.

Beespace was created to launch organizations through a new practice of innovation. The Beespace innovation practice equips start-up founders to make better decisions at the toughest points in their journey from idea to launch to impact — decisions that are better for themselves, better for their organizations, better for their sector, and better for the people whose lives they are driven to help change.

Now midway through its second cohort, Beespace has enshrined patient capital, rigorous experimentation, emotional intelligence, and true sustainability at the center of its incubation model. We offer a two-year developmental curriculum aimed at helping founders build their own compasses for navigating the inevitable detours, distractions, and shortcuts that mark so many start-up journeys.

Beespace Fellows work side-by-side with the start-up founders in residence at Beespace, for 20 hours each week. Each Fellow is matched with one founding team upon hiring, and contributes to all aspects of developing their start-up organization for the duration  of their incubation term -- from program design, to prototyping, to piloting and organizational development.  

Beespace Fellows also are key collaborators with the Beespace management team, embedding the Beespace DNA of experimentation and peer learning into their start-up team’s daily experience, and building community as part of their daily practice.  

Beespace is committed to building community inside and outside of our incubator experience. We work to foster a culture and practices of purposeful inclusion, and are seeking Fellows candidates that represent diversity across age, race, sex, ethnicity and national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, and political perspective.

 As a Beespace Fellow, you will:

  • Collaborate with a team of start-up founders on every aspect of the mundane and heroic task of getting a dynamic new organization off the ground
  • Engage in Beespace’s core practices and the curriculum that reflects those practices: Design and Experimentation, Full Sustainability, and Emotional Intelligence
  • Gain a wide range of professional skills essential to building enduring organizations, including program design and development, operations, and evaluation
  • Step into close relationships with organizational leaders looking for permanent team members

Beespace Fellows have: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree, or two years of college plus two years of professional experience
  • A minimum of two, long-term volunteer or staff experiences in the social good sector (nonprofits, social enterprises, civic tech)
  • Ability to commit 20 hours a week from September 2016 - December 2017
  • A passionate curiosity about the world, eyes and ears wide open
  • A truly proactive approach to learning and doing whatever is thrown your way, a comfort with uncomfortableness, and a willingness to make things up as you go along
  • Eagerness to be a part of a collaborative, learning community
  • General awesomeness

To Apply

Send us your resume, a short video, and the responses to the below questions to [email protected] by November 6th with the subject line "2016 Beespace Fellow."

Short-Answer Questions (Please limit your response to this section to 1-3 paragraphs in length. Thanks!)

  1. What does innovation mean to you? Share an example of something you consider innovative.
  2. Is there an organization in the nonprofit or social enterprise sector that you especially admire? What about them is special, in your view?
  3. What do you hope to gain from becoming a Beespace Fellow? What do you hope to give?

Start-Up Scenarios (Please limit your response to this section to 2 pages total in answering the questions. Thanks!)

  1. Your organization is launching six new partnerships with six different community-based organizations. Your team will be delivering the same program to each organization, but the timing and requirements for each of the six partnerships are slightly different. You’ve been asked to be a lead project manager in coordinating program delivery with these six partners. What do you see as the most valuable ingredients in managing those six relationships, both in terms of good project management and in terms of good human management? Have you ever done any similar work in another context? If so, we’re love to hear what you did and how that went.
  2. At the beginning of your term as Fellow, you and the Founder of your organization agree to a 30-minute check-in meeting every day that you’re at the office. The first few weeks that you put this into practice, the check-ins are extremely helpful, both in helping you get clear direction and feedback on your work and ideas, and in keeping up-to-speed on what’s happening in the organization when you’re not there. But now those check-ins have faltered, and you can see your Founder being pulled into putting out organizational fires or jumping into unexpected opportunities that take precedence over your check-ins. You’re feeling bottlenecked and less in touch with the team. What would you do? Have you ever been in a similar situation, either with a teacher or a colleague or another peer? If so, we’d love to hear what you did and how that went.

Video Response. Please submit a video that answers the following question:

Tell us about an experience that shifted a perspective you took for granted. What insights about yourself did you have afterward?

Production Instructions:

  • Include a link to the video in your cover letter with the password (if required).
  • Your video can run between 2 to 3 minutes.
  • You can shoot it on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop — don't sweat the production value!
  • Be spontaneous. Don't overscript your response or read from a prepared statement. Just talk to us like we're sitting next to each other at a party.
  •  We want to hear what you've got to say! Before submitting the video, give it a listen and make sure we'll be able to hear you. Watch for ambient noise and avoid background music. Keep it simple and have your voice be the only audio. 

We’re accepting applications on a rolling basis until November 6th. Want more information? Feel free to contact Fia Green at [email protected]