Inspiration from Ben Franklin, Paul Farmer and Charity:Water to Kickoff Your Week | December 23


The holiday’s are in full swing (fa la la la la). Here’s some inspirational reads as you to kickback in front of the yule log. Good luck and keep pushing!

From the Beespace Blog
We’re a far cry from the Sally Struthers PSAs of the 1980s. Here’s our list of 10 of the most inspiring nonprofit ads, videos, campaigns and websites of 2013 via Beespace.

63% of 20-somethings want to start their own business via Inc, We’re betting a big chunk of these will focusing on profiting the world!

Ben Franklin’s daily routine ended with asking “What good have I done today.” What a slacker.

How big data is changing the face of philanthropy via Wall Street Journal. But are we measuring the right things?

Do more than “Like.” Facebook adds a donation button via Mashable.

A big misunderstanding? Here’s a good breakdown of the year’s most overused term via TNW

Are your donors safe? 40 million credit card details are stolen from Target via Wired.

How Charity:Water Won Over the Tech World via Forbes

What emotions trigger shares? This research analyzed a data set of 355 billion videos to find the answer via Contently.

Behind the design. How Apartment One created the Beespace brand via Apartment One.

How Paul Farmer would fix foreign aid. Spoiler alert, it looks a lot like the Adventure Project via Skoll World Forum



Great Charity Campaigns of 2013

We’re a far cry from the days of the Sally Struthers PSA. Here’s a list of some of our favorite nonprofit ads, videos and campaigns from the year. No methodology, no science, just some truly inspiring work.

World Humanitarian Day
United Nations

Girl Rising

What I Love
Climate Reality Project

Immortal Fans
Sport Club Recife

Chime for Change

Anar: Only for Children
Anar Foundation

Women Shouldn’t
UN Women

Should Your Birthplace Determine Your Future
Ubuntu Education Fund

Into the Arctic


Inspiration from Square, Gates, Droga5 and More to Kickoff Your Week


These are the days when daylight is short and the work hours are long. Here’s few inspiring reads to get you through the week.

From the Beespace Blog
As nonprofit leaders, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get people to say yes (donations, partnership, etc). Here’s a new post about why you should start saying “NO.” via Beespace

Check please! Want to grow your nonprofit? Read how Square grew to $3.25 billion and 600 staff in just four year via Growth Hackers.

“What makes something better is connection.” A great little animated short of Brene Brown’s talkon empathy via Fast Company.

If you give your time and money, no matter how big or small, you are a philanthropist. Check out this great microsite to see how your giving stacks up via NPR Marketplace.

What if Santa wrote to kids instead of kids writing to him? Well, that’s kind of the tradition withthe Gates Annual letter, where Bill Gates himself explains his priorities and focus for the year via Gates Foundation.

We’ve all hear a lot about big data. This report highlights the rise of data culture in the nonprofit sector via Whole Wale.

The 6 second donation appeal? Most nonprofits are not on Vine. But with well over 40 million users, you might want to think about getting started. Here’s a guide to getting on Vine. via. Mashable

A case study for the books! Check out how DKMS, Help Remedies and Droga5 recreated bone marrow registration via D&AD

When Bill Gates challenged Frog Design to create a kit to save infant lives, here’s what they came up with via Fast Company.

One year after the Sandy Hook shootings, here is a beautifully chilling visual of gun violence in 2013via Periscopic.


Inspiration Roundup to Kickstart The Week


It may be cold and wet outside, but things are heating up hive. Here’s your weekly roundup of inspiring and useful reads.

Do what you love, than put a culture around it. Great video talk by Ben Chestnut of Mailchimp via Creative Mornings.

Why CEOs and leaders must embrace HR via Inc.

2014 will be the year of the internet of things via Quartz. How will you apply this to your nonprofit work?

#GivingTuesday doubled donation with more than 10,000 nonprofits participating via Chronicle of Philanthropy. Is this good or bad?

Do you have a charity rival? Here is why a little friendly competition can mean big returns via Explore Create Repeat.

After a year at the New York Times, here is what one data scientists learned about content and engagement via Contently.

Upworthy hits 87M monthly uniques via Pando Daily. Proving that people care and a good headline can go a long way.

Meet Jessica Walsh. The young gun who has taken the design world by storm via Like Knows Like.


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