Article 25


Amee Amin, Co-Founder; Ankur Asthana, Co-Founder

Article 25 is bringing fresh energy to the worlds of online campaigning and global health. While we take our cues from the distributed campaigning platforms that sit at the leading edge today, we're exploring new CodeAcademy-style learning technologies to transform how movements balance grassroots leadership and creativity with core strategy, training, and support. With experience seeded in Paul Farmer’s Partners in Health movement, our start-up canvas is the global health arena, where the tremendous people-power potential of citizens in the global south remains largely untapped.

Heat Seek


Noelle Francois, Executive Director and Anthony Damelio, Director of Programs

Heat Seek provides the reliable, objective data tenants need to hold their landlords accountable when they are not providing adequate heat in the winter. We’ve created a web-connected temperature sensor that can be programmed to take temperature readings once an hour. Data from the sensor is sent to our servers, where it’s stored and analyzed to determine when a building is in violation of NYC housing code. Through our web app and our community engagement initiatives, we help tenants and their advocates view temperature data, download heat logs, and stand up for their rights.

Natural History Museum


Jason Jones, Co-Founder; Beka Economopoulos, Co-Founder; Arielle Lawson, Beespace Fellow

The Natural History Museum highlights the socio-political forces that shape nature, yet are left out of traditional natural history museums. We aim to inspire established science and natural history museums to champion climate action, and equip museum visitors with the stories and tools they need to understand the rapidly changing world and shape it for the common good. Deploying both inside and outside engagement strategies, we collaborate with scientists, museum employees and professional associations, community groups, artists, and others to create a new narrative about our shared natural history that educates, measurably influences public opinion, and inspires collective action.

Vote Run Lead


Erin Vilardi, Founder and Director

VoteRunLead is the first and only platform for women’s civic leadership – a thriving, hyper-diverse community where women can learn the skills and build the networks necessary to seek for public office. Despite comprising a majority of the population, women's representation has been stagnant at roughly 20% for the last 25 years. We seek to accelerate the pace of change and diversify the talented women in the leadership pipeline, while strengthening our democracy. VoteRunLead fuels women's ambitions to lead a political life, and helps close the knowledge gap about what it takes to be a civic leader. We connect with inspired women where they are -- both online and offline -- recruiting them into learning communities, and training them to vote, run and lead.