Core Practices

Grounded in knowledge gained from close collaboration with social innovators, our incubation program elevates practice over performance metrics.

Beespace guides its incubees to master three core practices which, when applied holistically, can transform inspired ideas into innovation and impact.

A – Whole Person and Community

Do you know how to reach out—and within—to sharpen and expand your vision? At Beespace, we're building muscles for self-awareness, collaboration, and continuous learning. 

B – Systems Thinking and Experimentation

How do you handle critical challenges and decision points in your work? At Beespace, good maps are invaluable, but exploring along the way, engineering new routes, and skillfully navigating detours are just as important.

– Impact and Sustainability

What results are you working towards to change people’s lives meaningfully while remaining true to your purpose? At Beespace, we learn to love our problems as we act to solve them-and do our best to avoid the lure of easy solutions and the siren song of scale. 

What we offer

Beespace offers a unique incubation experience of two full years, providing the security of time, seed money, and other supports that we believe encourage creative risk-taking and lead to lasting innovation.

While at Beespace, incubees can expect:

* An experiential curriculum, including modeling, peer-to-peer learning, hands-on executive coaching, and skills-building workshops.

* The outsourcing of back-end operations, allowing founders to focus on innovation, not administration

* The security of patient capital, including seed grants, technical assistance, and access to an Innovation Fund.

* A rent-free co-working space in New York City’s Chelsea district, lessening the isolation and pressure so common to startups


    • Kristen EngbergCEO

    • Jenna SchornackProgram Officer

    • Marissa SacklerFounder and Chairwoman

    • Monique PeanMonique Pean

    • Azita ArdakaniLoveSocial

    • Lindsay WaterburyBoard Liaison