Our Philosophy

At Beespace, we have a distinct point of view about the start-up experience — that it should be the perfect alchemy of risk-taking and security, of innovation and sustainability.

Our Program

Key ingredients get that alchemy right: trust and community, dynamic learning experiences, seed capital, and a suite of supports that align with organizations’ real needs as they evolve.

We also believe that the start-up experience leads to greater innovation when it's more structured. Sounds counterintuitive, we know, but our theory about innovation isn't one of wild, unfettered creativity.

To give our founders guardrails, we require all incubees to engage in 3 phases of hands-on programming while at Beespace:

  1. Creative and Emotional Intelligence development
  2. Prototyping and piloting
  3. Organizational sustainability

What we offer

Beespace offers a unique incubation experience of two full years, providing the security of time, seed money, and other supports that we believe encourage creative risk-taking and lead to lasting innovation.

While at Beespace, incubees can expect:

  • A rent-free co-working space in New York City’s Chelsea district, lessening the isolation and pressure so common to startups
  • The outsourcing of back-end operations, allowing founders to focus on innovation, not administration
  • The security of patient capital: seed grants, technical assistance, and access to interested donors and an Innovation Fund
  • A phased curriculum that includes experiential learning, field trips, formal skills-building workshops, peer-to-peer learning, and hands-on executive coaching

What We Celebrate

Like other incubators, Beespace does a happy dance when an incubee doubles, then triples its donor base or adds new paid staff positions to its team.

But we also celebrate our incubees’ experiments. We believe they are as strong when they take risks and fail as when they succeed. We respect them when they slow down to consider new insights, just as much as we do when they accelerate. And we cheer them on when they choose a more purposeful path for leadership, reaching past charisma and salesmanship for something more enduring.

We’re different like that. It’s time to champion this approach to nonprofit development. Join us.

Our Hive

An office space can tell us how to work, and its design can amplify collaboration and creative confidence. The Beespace hive is constructed with these principles in mind, and our incubees enjoy a beautiful, lively ecosystem, a space for expressing the human-centeredness that grounds our culture.


  • Kristen EngbergCEO

  • Miriam FogelsonChief of Staff

  • Jenna SchornackProgram Officer

  • Marissa SacklerFounder and Chairwoman

  • Monique PeanMonique Pean

  • Azita ArdakaniLoveSocial

  • Lindsay WaterburyBoard Liaison

  • Angela MwanzaUBS

  • Rachel Cohen GerrolPVBLIC Foundation / Nexus Summit

  • Jacob LiefUbuntu Education Fund

  • Scott HarrisonCharity: Water