What makes an innovation powerful enough to change people’s lives?

BEESPACE is an incubator for emerging nonprofits focused on social impact.

We emphasize patient, thoughtful development over quick scaling; disciplined testing and collaboration over founder passion; and sustainable relationships and outcomes over short-term wins. We believe that on the journey from “great idea” to “fully realized pilot,” humility and curiosity about what you don’t know, a strong decision-making compass, and clarity of purpose are far more important than checking the boxes on a rigid course of development.

We’re seeking to expand the space for social change through new organizations and campaigns that are relevant, resilient, open, and truly impactful.

What's it like to be part of Beespace?

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Core Practices

Whole Person and Community

Systems Thinking and Experimentation

Impact and Sustainability

Grounded in knowledge gained from close collaboration with social innovators, our incubation program elevates practice over performance metrics. Beespace guides its incubees to master three core practices which, when applied holistically, can transform inspired ideas into innovation and impact.


Beespace offers a unique incubation experience of two full years, providing the security of time, seed money, and other supports that we believe encourage creative risk-taking and rigor, and lead to lasting innovation.

The security of patient capital, including seed grants, technical assistance, and access to an Innovation Fund.

An experiential curriculum, including modeling, peer-to-peer learning, hands-on executive coaching, and skills-building workshops.

The outsourcing of back-end operations, allowing founders to focus on innovation, not administration.

A rent-free co-working space in New York City’s Chelsea district, lessening the isolation and pressure so common to startups.

Learn. Practice. Do. Lead.

Beespace is incubating something new for 2018. Stay tuned, it’s a work in progress that we’re eager to share!