Who We Are

Founded in 2013, Beespace is an incubator that identifies and launches the next generation of nonprofits.

At Beespace, we marry the strongest elements of tech incubators — especially their customer-first approach to designing and testing innovative products — with patience and a long-term view of social impact.

This approach allows aspiring nonprofit founders to field-test their ideas during their two-year stay at Beespace before making the jump to organization-building. In that time, a supportive learning community develops, pushing our "incubees" to identify truly transformative solutions to social problems.

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Get Involved

Every 18 months Beespace connects with its network of nominators to identify emerging nonprofit leaders who may be a fit for our special incubation experience. Our next nominations cycle will open in January 2017. We do not accept unsolicited applications, but we welcome new nominators. Please let us know if you wish to join our network: [email protected].

We also manage a community of philanthropists passionate about the next generation of innovative nonprofits. We aim to create breakthrough partnerships around issues such as long-term impact measurement, return on investment, scaling, collaboration, and operational support. Reach us at [email protected] to become a part of the donor hive.